Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Dreaming of Spring...and Summer

The sun is shining! The sun is shining! After two days of clouds, cold and snow showers the sun is finally out today. It makes me really excited. I just feel warmer and seem to have more energy when the sun is out. If only it would warm up - maybe by the weekend.

I did go out for a morning walk. I still dressed in my long undies, thick gloves and hat, but the sun felt nice on my skin (what little was showing!). I rang Mum today too - had to remember the time change (here). Instead of five hours ahead she's currently only four. She thought her clocks changed this coming weekend, but apparently not until the weekend after. We always do 5.30 her time so it's up to me to work out the correct time. It's really not that difficult, just confusing sometimes lol.

I booked my trip home to England so Mum and I had been chatting about where we'd go on holiday. We usually book a coach trip. We've decided on two five-day holidays this year - one to Torquay and one to Wales. I've been through Torquay (we went that way a couple of years ago) but not spent any time there. The only time I've been to Wales was on holiday when I was a child. The thing I remember most is losing my beloved doll somewhere near Llandudno. I'm excited!

Anyone else thinking of their summer hols?

Here's a photo from the birdfeeder. The Starlings can be quite vicious to one another but sometimes they don't mind sharing!

Monday, March 12, 2018


The weekend seems to fly by here. Sunday here in the US the clocks went forward and back home it was Mother's Day. It seemed to have come early this year - for some reason I thought it was later in the month. Luckily I looked last weekend and managed to get a card out to Mum which made it in time! I ordered her a couple of books and films from She said (as she always says) that she didn't want anything but I can't let either Mother's Day (US & England) go by without sending her something.

It was a lovely sunny weekend and now today we're back to snow showers and a grey day. We did manage to get out and about for a walk this weekend. Yesterday we seemed to get a later start due to the messing around with the clocks. This morning was so dark! I have to remind myself when I call Mum to get the time right - I'll have to google it.

My back was playing up this morning - the nights haven't got any better but usually the pain goes away in the daytime. I think it was because we walked up a LOT of steps yesterday, hundreds of them. Sigh. Not my favourite. I decided to not walk today and instead cleaned up from the weekend and did a little crafting.

I did my pages for February. Hopefully I'll keep going for the rest of the year lol. While I was sorting through a few things I came across this postcard from my collection. I actually bought it the other year here in the US from an antiques market. I thought it was very interesting. This one actually was sent. I liked how there was no house number or even street. I suppose the postie just knew where the person could be found! The writer had been to Petticoat Lane and was quite impressed how you could buy everything from postage stamps to a billy goat!

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

Friday, March 9, 2018

End of Week

We're back to snow again - at least for a few days. Ugh. Things have to warm up soon, right? It will be the middle of March next week. I can't believe Mother's Day (England) crept up on me so quickly! It's Mother's Day here in the US in May but I try to do both for Mum. I managed to get a card out but not sure if it will be there in time (bad daughter!). I ordered her a few things from that I think she'll like. The shipping is a lot cheaper than trying to post things from here. At Christmas the cost of posting her box was just ridiculous. I was thinking of sending flowers but she'll get those from my sisters and I don't always know when she's going to be home and invariably pick the wrong time.

I haven't done as much sorting this week as hoped. I've been keeping up with my daily housework but not the extra I was hoping to get done. I've been too fascinated by all the back garden birds and trying to freeze flowers. Yikes. Yesterday I realised I'd been spending far too much time on both.

This little fellow keeps getting into the birdfeeder. It's amazing to watch as the feeder is on a thin pipe thing. I sort of feel sorry for it. The squirrel doesn't have much of a tail, just a stump and a patch of fur missing on his back. I think he must have been in a fight. 

The squirrel doesn't seem to detract the birds from coming to visit. Today I do have to finish a card for my sister for her birthday and (hopefully) get to the post office if the roads aren't bad. I'm such a chicken and won't drive in the snow. I want to sort out some more things to put up on Ebay. Things that don't sell will be donated. I want them out of the house. 

The snow is supposed to stop and the weekend be sunny but chilly. I'll take that. I hope everyone enjoys their weekend. 

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

This Time of Year in Michigan

Had to share these photos I got off Facebook. It sort of sums up this time of year in Michigan. We were greeted this morning with snowfall. Not too much but I will be glad to see the back end of it.

I did get out for a walk. The roads were clear at least and hubby was nice enough to brush off my car before he left for work. I should have been doing housework today and, to be fair, I did get a bit of sorting done and listed a few things on Ebay but spent the rest of the day trying to freeze flowers for A Year with my Camera grads project. It is not as easy as it sounds and it seems to take FOREVER for the water to freeze! It's driving me crazy as I am not the most patient person. Apparently there are tricks to getting the water clear. It's more like a science project than a photography one. Anyway I'm still freezing flowers. These are the ones I managed to do yesterday.

I tried some fruit first as I don't have any flowers here and had to go buy some. The fruit was cheaper if I messed it up lol.

I really will do some housework tomorrow!

Monday, March 5, 2018


I finished all my cross stitch. Phew! The backstitch wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. This one was fun to stitch. I have a goal to get some of the projects done I have sitting in my stash and this was one of them. Not sure how long ago I bought the kit. It is supposed to be a large card but I'm going to frame it and put it on my craft wall. Can't give Bagpuss away lol.

The weekend was bright and sunny if not a little chilly. It was nice to get out in the sunshine. It's supposed to be cloudy and snowy the next few days so I'm making the most of it. Daughter is under a warning for a lot of snow. Poor her. She said they were giving people the option of leaving early so you know it's got to be bad for Minnesota to do that lol. She's going to stay at work. Shasta, her husky, is having surgery today so she'd have to go out and get her when it's done so she might as well work. 

We had planned a long walk yesterday - up on the sand dunes, but we got to the State Park, started walking and there was still too much snow and ice on the trail! Couldn't believe it. We've had quite a few days above freezing - some days as high as 15C (60f) - so you can guess how much snow/ice we must have had. Hubby ended up slipping over on the ice and landing on his back. Thankfully he was okay except for a bruised elbow. Ouch. 

The path was solid ice. There was still quite a lot of ice along the lakeshore. 

It is gradually going. We hadn't expected to see any left this week so were quite surprised to still see lots of ice. 

My purchase this week. I keep taking photos of birds and have no idea what they are so treated myself to this little book. 

Hope everyone had a good weekend and a easy start to another week. 

Friday, March 2, 2018


My Mum's saying for this month is 'in like a lion and out like a lamb'. I think we're all hoping it will be that way. We didn't end up getting a lot of snow, but for a while there it was coming down like crazy. With all the snow we do get I don't remember every seeing snowflakes that big. They were more the size of snow balls (not as heavy or round lol). I'm glad it wasn't bad. I think things are supposed to ease off for Mum too. I'll hear more tomorrow when we Skype.

The temperature has dropped from earlier in the week but it was a lovely sunny day today.

The pond was almost all defrosted and the reflection was just gorgeous. There were so many birds around - I could hear them calling to one another and singing. It was such a lovely sound.

I finished the cross stitch part of my Bagpuss project. I still have the outlining to do but it shouldn't take long. I really enjoyed stitching this. The only problem was that it was a kit and the threads weren't sorted. It was a little difficult to tell the shades apart. There were about seven different shades of yellow. That being said I love Bagpuss. I remember watching it as a child. It was one of my favourite programmes.

With all the sunshine around the birds were outside at the feeder. Even a couple of squirrels were about. This one made me laugh. It was trying to chase the birds away. I think they got a little too close to the thing it had just buried. 

Any idea what he would be saying? 

Hope everyone has a good weekend. It's supposed to be above freezing and sunny here. Can't wait!

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Another Sunny Day!

It was another fairly sunny day today - that's four of them in a row. I can't remember the last time that happened! I think it's been a couple of months at least. Maybe this means that Spring is on the way. Maybe. We're under a Winter Weather Advisory tomorrow - 2-6 inches snow possible. I'm hoping we're on the low end or get none at all. I've had quite enough of it this winter. I looked it up and we've had about 68 inches + this season. Enough already lol.

I talked to Mum today and she's got snow (she lives in East Anglia). It looks like quite a few places in England have it. I was watching the Tottenham FA cup replay today and it was snowing like crazy. I know Mum will be happy when it's done. She was glad to chat today as she hasn't been out for a few days. I'm glad she stayed in. My sister visits on Monday so Mum does have plenty of supplies. It looks like lots of people are excited about all the snow. I remember when I was little if we got snow we were excited as it was such a rare thing. Now every time it snows here I wonder why I moved here lol.

Spring is coming though. I was reminded of that today. It was beautiful at the park where I walk. I saw someone else out with their camera - a man who reminded me that I had passed him the other week when he was out skiing. How things have changed!

It was lovely just to stop, take a deep breath, look around and listen to all the birds singing. How wonderful! I saw my first red-winged blackbird and a robin - neither of which I've seen for a while. Hopefully they won't disappear again when the cold and snow comes back. Here's hoping it won't stick around!

Monday, February 26, 2018


We had sunshine both yesterday and today and it looks like we might have some tomorrow. I have to say that will be the most sunshine days in a row we've had since I can remember. Quite sad actually. The sun always makes me feel a little brighter. It seems funny that we're warming up and Mum is supposed to be really cold and maybe snowy this week! I'm pretty sure she'll stay inside if the weather is too bad. I hope so. She said she fell the other week - slipping on the mud - said she didn't do any damage and was okay but I still worry!

We went out yesterday to look at the last of the ice on the lake. It's that time of year when it starts to melt. With all the rain and warm temperatures last week there wasn't a lot left. It was really windy yesterday so it felt quite cold but the lake despite the sunshine. It was still nice to get out and about.

I hope that things start growing soon. This is one of my least favourite times of year - when the snow is leaving and there is nothing growing and everything is dull and brown. We'll be heading into March soon and then April and I know it's then I will start seeing things get greener. 

Father-in-law has his consult with the doctor on Wednesday and it's then we find out what happens next. Both MIL and FIL are really worried so I hope it will bring some peace to know. I think the waiting is worse than anything. MIL has a tendency to look to the worst situation in things and I think that's making her worry even more. 

While there is sunshine I'm going to get out walking. I walked for quite a while today, ran an errand, did some cleaning and then spent the rest of the afternoon in my chair stitching with a heating pad on my back as too much bending made it play up a bit. Sigh. Still, I did get to watch the live broadcast of Toad Hollow on YouTube. I love those ladies! They make me laugh. 

Hope everyone had a good start to the week!

Friday, February 23, 2018

Raining Again

Yuck. I thought I would wake up and it would be dry. Maybe a little sun. Nope. Raining. Sigh. The roads and rivers definitely don't need it. Some of the local rivers are bursting their banks. I don't imagine I will get a walk in today. That must mean I should probably do some housework lol. I was going to sort out all the cans and bottles in the garage and take some back. Here in Michigan we have a bottle deposit. Son usually takes them all back but hasn't for a while. I think the weather is getting us all down. There are a lot of them in there so maybe I'll take a bag or two in.

Couldn't walk under the bridge Wednesday due to the water. I suppose it will be worse today. Hope it dries up soon!

Ice yesterday morning. It's another week where we've had a variety of weather. Does that mean Spring is coming? I hope everyone is having a good day. I was thinking I could work on my cross stitch too but there isn't a lot of light. Bagpuss is coming along but very slowly. 

Thursday, February 22, 2018


Yesterday I got to go out to lunch with my friend. I haven't seen her for a while so it was nice to get out and eat and chat. I didn't end up getting a lot else done yesterday. I went for a walk before I met her, called Mum when I got back and by then hubby was home and the day was almost over!

I popped down to the library today. Big mistake. Some of the roads downtown were still closed because of the flooding and I couldn't find my way there! I had to end up pulling over and putting Maps on my phone so I could be directed. Phew. I was pretty good and only came away with three books for a total of $6.36. I could have bought more but I'm trying to be good.

Outside today the birds were flocking to the birdfeeder. I think because there was a little sun they were all out and about. There was a little puddle on the ground where they were jumping into and splashing about too. It was funny to watch. I probably spent more time than I should have watching birds. I did manage to at least get the bathroom clean and have dinner ready to pop in the oven by the time hubby got home. I ended up making a Chicken Bacon Ranch Pasta dinner. Hubby loved it. It did make a lot though so next time I'll have to half the recipe. I haven't done a menu this week so now I've got to figure out what to cook tomorrow.

Not sure what type of bird this is but it was really colourful. So beautiful to look at.